The Future Of Tailgaiting Is In Science!

There’s nothing like going to a big game , pulling out a few cold ones and enjoying.

But food and drinks get warm over time with nothing to cool them.

A new invention could soon mean we’d be able to have power to cool everything, even in the great outdoors.

Before you get too excited, we don’t think that science had your cool Budweiser in mind when they came up with this, the purpose is actually much bigger and broader.

As you read this, in the comfort of your home, office or en route to somewhere you’re doing it through the internet, which is one of our modern conveniences, as is the electricity that helps run our day to day lives.

You may even have a cold drink or snack you just got out of your fridge recently closed by.

But 1.3 billion people on our planet, roughly 1/6th of the global population have to make it through their day to day existence without running power.

We’re not going to get all gloomy and doomy about it, but it is a fact.

And science, in its purest form, was meant to invent things to improve lives, especially those lives that are short on the means to do so themselves.

Imagine what all those without running power could do with a refrigerator that does not require any electricity to run?

This is one of those cases of the chicken and the egg – get the people better food, they can work and study better, if they work & study better, they could probably improve their financial future and perhaps escape poverty for good.

A new invention from the university of Calgary, while still in its infancy, appears to be the means by which science will once again improve the world.

Yes, and your next tailgaiting/family gathering too.