The Bizarre Habits Of 4 Highly Successful CEOs

Being the leaders of major publicly companies around the world, you’d think many CEOs have it together at all times, but pristine media images often belie much of what truly happens behind the scenes.. and it does get odd.  

michael jeffries

Michael Jeffries, CEO and founder of fashion label Abercrombie & Fitch is quite obsessive compulsive when it comes to plane etiquette. While most user manuals can reach up to 16 pages on average, his rule book is a whopping 47 pages long. Some requirements include a strict dress code of Ambercrombie wear, jeans, boxer briefs, flip flops and the brand’s signature cologne. 

howard hughs

Howard Hughes had his hands in multiple ventures including the Hughes Aircraft Company, Trans World Airlines and RKO Pictures. What many don’t know is that he was a major germaphobe and delegated his servants to wrap his spoon handles in tissue paper and cellophane.

donald trump
Yet another germaphobe, billionaire Donald Trump once distributed bottles of hand sanitizer to reporters at a press conference. He also refuses to touch elevator buttons, and avoids shaking hands with people. He especially avoids teachers like the plague on account of their desks that are teeming with “17,000 germs per square inch.”
steve jobs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was persnickety with his eating habits and would often eat only one kind of food for weeks and lecture his friends and family about the merits of his diet. Towards the end of his life, Jobs realized that abstaining from certain foods could also induce periods of euphoria and would fast when his body required nutrition. It could well be said that his perfectionism created some of the most outstanding products ever.