The Best Tools For Managing Your Money Online

Managing and budgeting your finances can often feel overwhelming and time-consuming. Luckily, many companies understand this roadblock and have developed numerous solutions to help everyday people with money management tasks. 

This site generates a personal finance score for you based on how well you’re managing your finances. Registration and data upload is quick and efficient, taking only 15 minutes of your time. The goal is to reach a perfect 1,000 over time through refining your financial status. As an example, you can gain an extra 34 points by refinancing your mortgage. 
One of the top money management websites,, features its popular budgeting tool and enables users to track all their financial history in one place. You can link up all your banks, investments, retirement funds, credit cards, and other financial accounts  on the platform to gain a 360 overview into your financial status. 

Guide Financial
This free website will be launched very soon and its aim is to provide users with step-by-step guides on refinancing mortgages, finding the highest-yielding savings account and choosing a retirement plan.

Future Advisor
Future Advisor is built on algorithm-based investment advice. After inputting your data, the site fully vets all your holdings and advises you on what to buy, sell or hold. It also periodically notifies you about re-balancing your portfolio following changes in the stock or bond markets.