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Written by Dina McQuall

Follow and copy the best traders in the world and start earning just as they do!

Mike T. was a regular college graduate beginning his career as an online journalist and working for minimum wage. Along with being a newlywed, his wife recently gave birth to twins. His salary was simply not enough to support his new family. He considered the possibility of finding a part time job in addition to his day job, to be able to pay the unexpected expenses. Nevertheless, he realized this would leave him with very little time to spend with his wife and newborn children. He felt lost and a bit hopeless. This all changed for Mike when his friend told him about FY Social, a new social trading network that thousands of people are joining every day. He was skeptical to try out it at first, however, his friend told him that he doesn’t need to know anything about trading in order to succeed at earning money. So, he decided to try it out.

What Is FY Social?

FY Social is a social trading network that allows thousands of global users to share their trading activity in one community. It allows you to connect with, watch, follow and copy the best traders in the world from the comfort of your home.

With FY Social, you don’t need to have any trading experience. You have the ability to actually copy the moves of the best traders automatically. Copying other traders is done through the click of one button and you don’t even need to be logged in to earn money. When the trading pro’s you copy make money, so do you!

How Did You Do It?

Mike turned his first $250 deposit into an amazing $5,017 in just 10 days.

I earned money just by opening an account at FY Social and copying the most successful traders and trades! I entered the Hot List, which is a table that shows you the most recent: best traders, best trades, and best copiers. This gave me a better idea of who to copy and how much money I can earn by doing so.

I added the traders I was interested in to my copy list, a list of traders I choose to automatically copy their traders. I can limit the amount of each copied trade, the assets or copy them all. I can also only watch traders and that will appear more often on my News feed. This made my decision on whom to copy much simpler.


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Register to FY Social via your Facebook account or your email. Update your profile as you wish to be seen in the FY Social network. Make a deposit, you can start with as little as $250 and once you are comfortable invest more. Start browsing, socialize and connect with other traders on your News feed to get a better understanding of who you’re interested in copying and who’s making the big bucks!

You too can make extra income by copying other people’s trades in the click of just one button.