Ten Out Of Ten That You Keep Your Cosmetic Products Wrong. Learn How To Store Them Correctly

Women usually use cosmetics or make-up. Even if you prefer a natural look without painting, you might moisturize your face; and if you are indifferent to creams, you might still wear lipstick or mascara. In short, there is no woman’s house which has no makeup or cosmetics in it.  

The question is: Where do you keep these cosmetics or make-up in your home? Chances are that you will answer that you store your creams and make-up 1) in your bathroom; 2) on your dressing table in your bedroom; 3) in your fridge. Right? Sorry to tell you that all of these locations are the wrong storage places, if, of course, you care for your health, your looks, and the longevity of your cosmetics and lipsticks.

Bathrooms are not suitable for storages merely because they are not a dry place, due to steams and water that evaporate there. Mold would not grow so well in bathrooms, if they were not damp. And if you check any box of your make-up or cream, you will see there a warning that you should keep this product in a dry, dark, and cool place. Bathrooms do not satisfy the first requirement and so should be disregarded as a storage place for your make-up and cosmetics.

Rule number two is to protect your creams, lipsticks, and mascara from heat and the sun. The problem is that temperatures above + 20 C can cause decomposition of preservatives in cosmetic products that prevent the formation of bacteria. Bacteria triggers fermentation processes, which make creams harmful to health. Therefore, neither creams nor cosmetics can be kept on your dressing table where it is warm and where the sun reaches it; nor can they be stored in bathrooms for the same reason.

Fridges are no good as storages either, despite their coolness and darkness. They are colder than needed. Good quality cosmetics use mainly natural preservatives such as vitamin C and E, extracts of birch, and cranberry seeds. In cold temperatures, these ingredients get destroyed. Once they are damaged, there is a danger that your cream or mascara will start breeding bacteria.

It is better, then, if you keep your cosmetic products and make-up not on top of your dressing table but inside of its drawer. Beauty-cases are also good storages, provided they are not transparent. Cosmetic coolers are the best storages for your cosmetics, make-up, and even perfumes.  Temperatures in these cosmetic coolers are higher than in regular fridges and can be regulated in keeping with instructions on your products. Cosmetic coolers can be  easily transported, since they can be charged in a car. Their size is large enough, too, to contain all products of the biggest make-up fan.