Taylor Swift Dedicates Whole Song To Godson

In a recent show, singer Taylor Swift dedicated a song while onstage to her Godson and it is absolutely swoon-worthy. 



In a recent show that is part of her 1989 world tour, Taylor Swift dedicated her song “Never Grow Up”, to her godson Leo. Taylor went on to say: “I wrote it when I was like, 18 or 19, but my friend just had a baby and she made me godmother of it, and I was holding this little baby the other night and I was just thinking differently. When you’re holding on to something that’s so innocent and so perfect and has no idea what’s coming for it with the world. The world is going to throw so many things at you as you grow up.”

Some words of wisdom included:
“You are not damaged goods if you’ve made mistakes in your life.”
“You are not going nowhere just because you haven’t gotten where you want to go yet.” 

It didn’t take long for bff Jamie Presley, mother of Leo, to catch wind of the dedication. She took to Twitter to thank Talyor and tell her that Leo is “blessed” to have her as a godmother.

Clearly Swift’s new role means the world to her and it shows.