Take Your Love Of Food To A Whole New Level

We’re very sorry to be the ones to tell you this guys – but a girl just beat you to something you probably wished you’d thought of before, and she did it with more style than we could imagine.

Quite a few of us say we “love” food, but are you willing to display that love publicly?

Nicole Larson was, she was head over heels with Pizza, and wanted to take their relationship to the next level, so she took her pizza on a series of highly photogenic and romantic engagement shots, just as many couples do.


Before you scream “the woman is obviously off the deep end” – you should know that all the photos were taken as a sort of satire.


Larson recently told Mashable that despite the satire and the inherent humor in the photos she took she is extremely hopeful that people manage to take away a positive lesson from it.

A lesson about a more positive body image for women her age, and anyone that suffers from a low image of themselves.

Larson said jokingly that Pizza is the best relationship she’s ever had – “Pizza never let me down, and can always make me smile without doing much – it’s always perfect”.

We’re all for more people like Larson being proud of who they are and how the look.


We weren’t so lucky when we proposed to our big-mac, we were rebuffed for some super-sized french fries.