Take That Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorists!

Aren’t Science and Technology great?

Over the decades we’ve seen some great advancements in our day to day lives aided by technology.

But today’s advancement is actually a glimpse into a glorious moment in our past.

It has been almost 5 decades since mankind achieved what is possibly his greatest achievement and reached the surface of the moon.

The Apollo 11 mission was followed around the globe, and the very moment of the landing remains one of the most instantly recognizable moments in our collective history.

The mission was one of the most documented events in human history, so it is rather surprising to know that only a handful of photographs from the mission itself have ever been released to the public eye.

But that has all changed thanks to the incredible work of one Kipp Teague.


Teague has been curating the incredible moon landing photo collection since the early 90’s and began the tedious (and thankless) work of scanning every single photo in his archive into digital form, without an ounce of processing way back in 2004.

The end result which was just released to the public this week is a heart stopping, eye-popping and imagination capturing 8,000 photos that every single person on the planet can view in all their glory right at this link

After scanning through some of the amazing photos we have but 2 things to say:

1) Thank you Kipp Teague

2) Who knew? the first selfie on earth was taken on the moon…