Sweden Is About To Do Something Extraordinary For The Entire World

Other than Ikea, Volvo and tall beautiful women most of us will be pressed to find something nice to say about Sweden.

That is about to change due to the actions of the government, actions that can serve as a model for the whole world.

It’s no secret that the planet earth is not doing too great at the moment, or for the last few centuries.

Humans have greatly contributed to the deterioration of the planet’s resources and their own habitat, and are just now starting to try and balance things out by restricting emissions, and passing certain laws to help save the planet.

But some nations are ahead of the curve where saving the planet is concerned, and Sweden is about to leapfrog to the top of the list.

The Swedish government just recently announced a plan spend an extra $546 million renewable energy and climate change measures in next year’s budget alone – and that’s not even the most impressive part.

As part of that announcement, they’ve also announced a multi-year plan to completely eliminate Sweden’s dependency on all fossil fuels.

The first step to Sweden’s plan is closing down its aging nuclear power plants one by one and replace them mostly with solar energy and wind turbines.

Sweden would not be the first nation to go down this path – Costa Rica went 75 full days on renewable energy alone earlier in 2015 and Hawaii has passed a law stating that by 2045 it should be entirely dependent on renewable energy.

But Sweden is possibly the largest country to have officially announced such a plan, and is a large enough and central enough nation to have its actions seen and heard across the globe.

Maybe it isn’t too late, maybe we can still learn things from Sweden that aren’t limited to an 8 step coffee table.