Strand Of Pearls: The Most Classic Jewelry Is Again In Fashion

Pearls are a classic jewelry, which has been worn for centuries by women of all ages and of all social statuses. They are thus the most democratic accessory, able to add elegance and chic to outfits of all styles. This winter season, strands of pearls are again in vogue. 

What every owner of a strand of pearls has to know is how to wear and with what clothes to combine it so that it does not hang on her like a gaudy string of cheap beads. Strands of pearls can be of a different length and, depending on their size, are worn with different sets of clothes.

Choker Strand.  This is the shortest strand of pearls. In order to know whether the length of your choker is right, check where a middle pearl is situated on your neck. The middle pearl on your strand should lie snugly in the deepening on the base of your neck. The pearl choker goes particularly well with a smart business suit, provided its and pearls’ colors are contrasting.

Queen Strand. This strand is about fifty centimeters long. It is thought to suit better corpulent women, because it visually elongates their necks. The strand of pearls of this length can best embellish a casual outfit. Try to wear a strand made of pearls of different sizes or shades, because a long string of identical beads might look hopelessly uninteresting.

Evening Strand. This strand of pearls is about sixty five centimeters long. You can wear it wrapped twice around your neck or as a bracelet on your wrist, for which you would need to wrap it around your hand four or five times. This strand of pearls can be worn with a semi casual outfits, when you go out for dinner in a restaurant, for example.

Rope Strand. This is a very long piece of jewelry. It should be wrapped a couple of times around your neck and tied above your waist or on your breasts in a knot. Curled this way, the Rope pearl strand will go well with a formal black dress, worn for an evening party with a particular dress code. For such occasions, your dress should be either evening or cocktail and worn with shoes on very high heels.