Stand Out From The Crowd By Wearing A Black-And-White Dress

Do you get bemused by people’s lack of imagination, when all women show up at the party dressed in black dresses? Black outfits are surely classy. But who wants to look as if belonging to a team of some game players? There should be an alternative to black dresses.   

And there is indeed a dress that looks as smart, elegant, and timeless as a black one. An equal alternative to an acclaimed black outfit is a white-and-black dress. In it, you will look striking without appearing as one of the bridesmaids. Your black-and-white dress will surely make you stand out from the crowd.  

Do not be afraid that, because a black-and-white dress code spells seriousness and is usually demanded, at least for men, at official parties, your black-and-white outfit will make you look excessively serious and boring. This season, designers made black-and-white dresses almost playful. More conventional black and white stripes and polka dots are substituted with bold black-and-white patterns, flowers, geometrical figures, chessboard graphics, and animal prints. With such a wide variety of dichromatic patterns, you risk looking excessively eye-catching in your  black-and-white dress rather than boring.

Designers love dichromatic outfits because they can be worn on different occasions and by the people with different body structures. This is not to say, however, that you can pick any black-and-white dress from a hanger in a shop and purchase it without trying on. The right choice of a dress is essential, if you want to make an indelible impression on people in it.  Remember that bold, large patterns will not look well on a woman with small facial features or large hips. In these cases, a woman should go for smaller, denser prints on her black-and-white dress.

This season, designers extrapolated dichromic models to include also suits and coats, not only dresses. They bend the rules by turning conventional combinations upside-down. As an alternative to a formal outfit consisting of a black suit and a white shirt, for example, they presented all black outfit with white stilettoes.

Because a black-and-white dress is in vogue this season, you should have one too. It is a beautiful alternative to a black dress, though it is more difficult to wear than its black counterpart. The problems is that even the gaudiest black dress lets your physical beauty shine through. A black-and-white dress, especially with ornate patterns, is so showy by itself that it might overshadow your personality. If you do not want to disappear within your own dress,  chose your model carefully. Remember that a dress should highlight your beauty and not the other way round: you should not become a forgettable wearer of an unforgettable dress.