Sepp Blatter: Whistle Blower?

It seems that hardly a week goes by without us hearing about some new twist in the seemingly never ending FIFA corruption scandal (s), but this latest one really made us lose our cool.

Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s embattled and disgraced chairman has perhaps by mistake, perhaps intentionally let slip what is quite possibly the biggest piece of evidence in what many are calling the biggest case of corruption to ever rock FIFA (and that’s saying quite a lot considering the decade that FIFA has had).

With so many scandals currently being investigated by various countries and law enforcement agencies Blatter was doing yet another in a seemingly endless line of PR interviews, supposedly in an effort to re-direct the tensions away from FIFA and/or himself when he let a nugget slip.

In an interview for some members of the Russian press Blatter said/admitted that the 2018 world cup was “always meant to go to Russia” and the 2022 world cup was due to be awarded to the U.S.A, giving FIFA consecutive World Cups with two of the biggest political powers.

But, according to Blatter, Michel Platini, UEFA’s president (who’s under an investigation of his own) was influenced by then french president Nicolas Sarkozy and used his clout to route the 2022 World cup to Qatar.

Blatter “failed” to mention who were the participants that were willing to route each world cup to its intended destination, but Blatter seemed to indicate that he believed that England and the U.S are behind most of FIFA’s investigations out of spite.

We can also safely take Blatter’s words and motives with a large grain of salt, but we’re still grabbing another bucket of popcorn and waiting for the next bit of news/gossip to come, because FIFA is quickly turning into the best show around.