Healthy Diets, Smart Kids – 5 Foods That Can Help Your Children Study

Children have started studying. Studying requires hard brain work that burns up a lot of energy. Because of this, children get more tired and cranky. In order to help your children feel better, add protein and vitamin C to their diet. They are contained in these products below.

Eggs. Each egg contains 6-8 gr of pure protein; it is 1/10 of the amount of protein the child has to consume a day. Eggs are also rich in lecithin and choline contained in the yoke, which are necessary for the development and functioning of the child’s neural system, muscles, and brain; eggs are so rich in these elements that the child is recommended to eat 5-6 of them a week. The best way to cook eggs for children is to make them soft-boiled or poached; eggs are digested well, if served with vegetables. Do not make your child eat them with beckon, ham, or sausage.

Fish and Seaweed. In addition to protein, fish and seaweed contains such an important element as iodine. It is responsible for the working of the brain and develops thyroxin, the hormone of the thyroid gland. When there is not enough iodine in the child’s body, he becomes quickly tired and apathic. Fish is also digested and absorbed easier than meat, which is important if your child has digestive problems. Mackerel and halibut are the best sort of fish for your child, because both of them are rich in Omega 3.

Grains. Rice, buckwheat, quinoa, and oats are rich sources of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamin B. If your child eats such grains for breakfast, he will be satiated, energized, and will not want to snack on sweets afterwards. It is healthier to eat these grains with vegetables, boiled or grilled.

Cheese, Cottage, and Dairy Products. 100 gr of cottage contains 20 gr of protein and much needed amino acids. Cottage also contains a balanced amount of calcium and phosphorus (1:1.5). So proportioned, calcium benefits our hair, nails, muscles, and neural system most.

Vegetable and Fruits Rich in Vitamin C. Bell pepper, black currant, oranges, and clementine are rich in vitamin C, indispensable for a proper functioning of our bodies. Vitamin C affects our sight and guards our bodies against infections and colds. It is also essential to give the child enough water to drink. The child requires 30-40 ml of water for one kg of his weight. Only by drinking enough and eating well, can child be healthy, energetic, and quick-thinking.