Run To The Hills – Volcanoes Just Got Scarier

Does nature freak you out?

Probably not, but Volcanoes are apart of nature and they freak us out, and its about to get worse after watching these images.

We’d like to introduce you to the Kawah Ijen volcano, located in East Java Indonesia.

This lovely little lava spewing monstrosity is quite unique in that it can often be seen with rivers of blue lava running down its sides and even erupting from various locations on it.

Blue, Freaking, Lava.

Ok, you don’t need to panic just yet, this isn’t the end times, the apocalypse is not around the corner and there’s a very simple scientific explanation to all of this.

Hidden along side the volcano is a viridian lake that contains hydrochloric acid, and in some places, where the lava has crusted over, pressurized sulfuric gases erupt from cracks due to the incredible heat – 1,112 Fahrenheit or about 600 Celsius.

Those eruptions can send flames that reach heights of about 5 meters in, you guessed it – blue flame.

As the eruptions cool, they stream down the face of the mountain, slowly continuing to burn, giving the impressions that there are streams of blue lava running down the mountain side.

You can see just a few of the incredible shots taken at this incredible location by clicking on the following links:

Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Personally, we’re relieved – we always thought Indonesia was a lush and fertile land we’d like to visit if we were doing our bucket list, nice to know we can cross it off, because there’s no way we’re going anywhere near that devil’s mountain!