Ronald Is Sad – Is McDonald’s About To Go Under?

It might be a worldwide icon of Americana, one of the largest franchises ever created and a refuge to all fast food lovers, but Mcdonald’s is also in a lot of trouble and could soon be forced to consider harsh steps to insure its own survival.

In the business world listening to your customers is usually considered a wise choice.

After all, a company that ignores what customers are asking for is bound to lose those customers, and losing customers = losing money, which no CEO ever wants to see happen.

So most commercial companies go to great lengths to please as many customers as they possibly can.

Sometimes it works, other times – not so much.

When McDonald’s finally gave U.S customers what they “wanted” in he form of breakfast items being served throughout the day instead of being taken off the menu at 11am they were sure they had provided a good service, and gained a winning hand, but they are now finding out that it is entirely possible that they’ve taken a step that will cause a sharp drop in income and the closure of multiple branches across the globe.

In their rush to supply customer’s demands, McDonald’s management neglected to consult with their many regional franchises, and they aren’t too happy with the move.

A recent survey of 29 local franchise owners that operate over 200 locations found that just 2 of them think that upper McDonald’s management are taking positive steps while the majority thought they were simply throwing whatever they can against the wall and “hoping that something sticks”.

Earlier this year, the burger giant announced it would shut down over 700 locations across the world due to dropping income – they were down 10% vs. the first 6 months of 2014 and profits were down even more – a whopping 22%.

Franchise owners claim that new CEO Steve Easterbrook failed to deliver on his promise of a simpler menu and less operating overhead, which is costing them money and customers.

If you’re a fan of Mickey D’s – you need not worry, it’s not going anywhere any time soon, but you might need to start looking for other places to satisfy your midnight burger craving if things don’t change.