Primal Instincts –The Ultimate Guide For Surviving In The Wild

Assume for a moment that you’re in a disaster of sorts.

A plane crash in a distant location or stuck in the wild with no idea as to which was is up.

Here are a few things you’ll need to know to get home safely.

First thing’s first -Are you ok?

Any cuts & bruises will need to be fixed ASAP – contaminated wounds will kill you a lot faster than some other factors will.

Fix yourself up before you even think about going to step 2.


Assess your surroundings: are you in a warm or cool location? different locations on this planet of ours will require different skills and provisions for your survival.

Is there a water source or supply near by?

The more information you can gather about your location, without spending too much energy on exploring – the better.


Once you know where you’ve been stranded – act accordingly – if you’re in a location that’s likely to be cold – find any possible way you can to maintain body heat – coats, blankets, gloves, socks,  will all help – dry locations are also greatly preferred, so a cave would be nice.

If its a warmer location and heat isn’t a concern, skip to the next phase.


Fire And Water – these two tend to go hand in hand for one simple reason – most water supplies you’ll stumble across in the wild can’t be consumed “straight up” because they have diseases and bacteria that can kill you, so you’ll need to boil your water supply or filter it – this video will show you how to do that with just a plastic bottle and natural materials.


Look for food sources – rivers and streams can provide fish, but also other small (and sometimes big – so be careful) animals you could eat.

Beaches can supply various clams and mussels you could easily eat, and there are even certain plants and kelp you can eat to survive – it won’t be tasty, but you’ll live.


Ok, you now should have most of the things it takes to survive for a while, but if you don’t want to get stuck forever – start planning your voyage home – find out how far you can get away from your base camp every day while returning safely to it.

Make slightly longer trips each time and eventually, you should be able to get your bearings and find your way back (we hope).