Playboy Is About To Change The One Thing You Thought Would Never, Ever Change!

Blame technology, or more specifically – the Internet – but it seems that the age old saying of “What? I buy playboy magazine for the articles” is about to become true – the magazine is set to remove all nude pictures from future publications.

Playboy has always advertised itself as a “lifestyle” magazine that just so happened to contain nude photos of beautiful women but changes to the world as we know it has caused a sharp drop in circulation and a change became needed if the magazine was to survive.


The magazine was established in 1953 by Hugh Hefner and a few associates and used early nude photos of the Iconic Marilyn Monroe to increase its circulation, quickly becoming the leader in a very specific genre of men’s magazines.

Throughout the decades the Playboy became synonymous with adult content, and was home to models and celebrities like Sharon Stone, Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson and many others:

double_pb_c stone_pb_g

And while its leading ladies were perhaps the #1 reason for purchase, not to mention the #1 reason teenaged boys had lumps under their mattresses – the magazine was also famous for publishing the works of renown authors like Arthur C. Clarke, Ian Fleming, Chuck Palahniuk, Haruki Murakami and many others.

But towards the end of the 70’s and into the new millennium Playboy began seeing a drop in circulation, a drop that became even more visible with the entry of the internet into our day to day lives.

The topic of nudity and sex which was no longer taboo caused many to lose fascination with Playboy and other magazines like it, and who could blame the audience? why pay for something that the internet has plenty more of – and for free.

Late last year the website stopped displaying nude photos which had a remarkable result – the average user age dropped from 47 to around 30, and the number of unique entries went from 4 million to nearly 16 million per month – all due to Playboy’s ability to interject itself into social media.

From that point on, the writing was on the wall – and the ax finally fell yesterday.

Playboy magazine will no longer publish photos of nude women.

They’ll still have models in various stages of undress – they haven’t gone Amish on us, just no full frontal nudity.