One Of The Best Known Cities In The Bible Has Been Found, Right Where you Think It Could Be!

Researchers now believe that a recent archaeological discovery may shed some light on the exact location of the ancient city of  Sodom.

One of the better known stories in the bible is that of the “twin” cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

In the biblical story, the cities were a central hub of residence, commerce and, above all else – corruption and immorality.

The cities were destroyed by the wrath of god with nearly all inhabitants being killed in the riotous fire, save for the one pious man and his wives who were spared.

Over the last century or so, the exact location of those cities has remained somewhat of a mystery, a mystery that archaeologists now believe they have solved.

Recently uncovered structures and artifacts located near them have given renewed vigor to the talk that Sodom was actually located in the Jordan valley on a mound called “Tall El-Hammam”.

The evidence seems to point out that the city was alive & thriving during the early to middle Bronze age (roughly 3500 to 1500 B.C) – a day and age when most other cities in the region were being abandoned.

The size and location of the city seems to indicate it was a major hub for commerce and residence – its size is more than 5 times larger than other cities of the period, with fortifications that would have taken thousands of laborers years to build also being clearly visible.

While we can never be certain that the located ruins are in fact the very same ones appearing in the Bible, researchers have one last bit of information that seems to confirm the validity of the story – the aforementioned city was apparently abandoned or nearly destroyed “overnight”.

It seems that if one ever goes to “Tall El-Hammam” one shouldn’t look over one’s shoulder on the way out of it…