October Is Chosen To Hosts The Parade Of Planets. Watch It Live From 8/10 To 20/10

In October 2015, we will see a remarkable view: the parade of planets. It is celestial phenomenon in which a number of planets in the solar system is built close to the same line. Participants of the parade are Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and Moon.

The parade will start on the 8th of October, when Earth’s natural satellite will get closer to the group of the planets in the morning sky. It will end on the 20th of October, when Mercury will break the line close to which these planets will be built, disappearing in the morning sun. This will be the small parade, because only five planets will be lined up in a straight line. To make the parade more flamboyant and bigger, other planets would need to join the company. Earth, Saturn, and Uranus would need to follow suit and put themselves in line next to others, as they do once in twenty years, when the large parade is organized.

A parade of planets can be seen either in the morning or in the evening. Astronomers advise to watch this forthcoming parade early in the morning, about two hours before the sunrise. You will easily see the parade then. If you can climb high on a mountain, this is even better. The best view of the planets obtains from the height of no less than 2000 meters.