How To Look Fashionable Without Spending A Dime

Fashion advisers usually send you on a shopping spree to buy new wardrobe for a new season. To be sure, everyone would be happy to show up dressed in brand new clothes and a la mode to boot. But what to do, if buying new clothes is not your priority? 

Indeed, what if you have to take financial care of your other businesses and buying new clothes is absolutely not on your shopping list for months ahead? Should you give up on looking stylish and wait for better days when you will afford a new look? The answer to this question is a firm “no.” You may appear fashionable, if you just add new accessories to your old ensembles. Purchasing a new handbag is a cheaper way to make yourself trendy. 

Start with fashionable jewelry that would suit most of your clothes. A good choice is a silver necklace. You can wrap it twice around your neck or leave it hanging on your bosom. Colorful cocktail rings go well both with an evening dress and jeans worn with a plain t-shirt. On your wrists you can put bracelets of bright colors: orange, red, pink, and purple. They always look elegant. 

Buy yourself also a pair of shoes of bright colors. Colorful footwear looks perfectly well with dresses, jeans, or leggings. Whatever you dress, bright shoes will give an interesting twist to your ensemble. The most fashionable colors of shoes this season is red, yellow, or navy blue. For instance, you may put on dark jeans, black sweater, and bright yellow shoes. Thus you will draw attention to yourself, despite your seemingly plain outfit. Do not forget also to wrap your neck in bright silk scarf or neck kerchief. Overall, colorful ties and scarfs look stylish if worn not only with jackets or cardigans but also with dresses, shirts, and vests.

It is also essential to buy a colorful handbag, if you want to look stylish. A large bag of all hues of withered autumn leaves suits clothes of the majority of styles and colors. If orange and brown are not within your favorite color range, purchase a bag in dark blue, red, purple, or even pink. An eye-catching handbag is an important part of a woman’s wardrobe this season. 

Belts are also in vogue. A bright, unusually cut belt will make you appear chick, whatever you wear underneath it.  The most important advice you should heed this season is not to agonize about your clothes, if buying them is out of the question right now. Accessories will perfectly compensate for an absence of a new attire and will create that new look you are searching for.