Check Out The Latest Trends In Manicure – Metallic Blue and ‘Nude Colors’

Autumn weather brings changes not only in how we dress or in our footwear but it also inspires us to change such weather unrelated phenomenon as manicure. In autumn, we are in a mood for filing and painting our nails differently. Read what nails are in vogue this season.

What changes most conspicuously in our manicure is nails’ shape. Instead of long, pointed stilettos fashionable for last couple of years, come short, rounded nails. The drastic change in nails’ shape, obviously, triggers a complete change in how we paint our nails this autumn. Thin, florid patterns on long, sharp stilettos are impossible to draw on shortened nails; nor will ornate short nails appear in any way beautiful. A different shape dictates its own painting rules and requires different colors. Colors in fashion this autumn range from dark and dramatic to nude.

Dark, deep colors.  Evidently bored with drab, cold sky, we long for deep, warm colors on our bodies. Walking through rainy, gray streets, you would not enjoy the view of green or yellow nails on your hands, would you?  Purple, plum, or brown colors, by contrast, can cheer us up in the rainy weather and can make our hands look warm and lively in comparison to cold, silver clouds above us. To challenge the autumn weather even more boldly, paint your nails in colors of red wine. Clouds will immediately lose their drabness when reflected in your maroon nails.

Nude Colors. Nude is the new red. If earlier when you were in doubt, you were advised to paint your nails red, now go for nude. From a practical point of view, painting your nails nude is less of a hassle than putting the red varnish on them: if the nude varnish clips off, it will be less noticeable than when you get blemishes on your red nails.  Another advantage of the nude color is that it makes your hands look feminine and tender. So, if you want to look like a lady, wear your nails nude.

Bright Metallic Colors. Gold and silver are surely timeless colors. They are always fashionable. This season, however, they share their popularity with all hues of dark blue colors. Also fashionable are varnishes with ultramarine yellow shine just as are different shades of aqua with metallic sheen. Yet here is a caveat: wearing metallic nails is difficult, since they do not go well with make up. Any lip color, if it is not dark blue or purple, will jar with your nails. Therefore, in order not to look garish, avoid using any lipstick whatsoever. All you can do to look elegant with metallic dark nails is to apply eyeliner to your eyes.