How To Look As Ageless As Asian Women? Their Secret Is In Green Tea

Asian women are famous for their ageless looks. When visiting China, Westerners always note that women there appear perpetually young, as if frozen in their twenties. The key to their youthful looks is not their genes, climate, or even Chinese medicine. Asian people consider green tea responsible for their youthfulness.

Green tea was singled out as a miraculous drink already in the ancient China. Even in those times, people knew that this drink regenerates our bodies and slows down aging processes. The conclusion of ancient Chinese people is now seconded by modern scientists who also say that vitamins and microelements present in green tea help fight free radicals.

In particular, green tea is powerful antioxidant that clears our bodies and improves working of our liver and kidneys. It also contains a large amount of caffeine that strengthens the heart muscle. Other elements present in green tea leaves prevent the formation of fat on the walls of blood vessels. Try to drink 4-5 cups of green tea, and your body will clear itself of harmful substances and will become younger.

Green tea is not only a beverage promoting your health and youthfulness but also a wonderful cosmetic product. Masks prepared from green leaves add luster and freshness to your skin. One of these masks’ recipe is conveniently simple. Boil green tea leaves, cool the water, and then put these leaves on your face for about twenty minutes. Afterwards, wash the leaves off and apply moisturizer to your face.

You can also use green tea to make your eyes look less red, when you are tired. Simply dip a cotton swab in a cup of green tea and apply for ten minutes to your eyes. If you do this every day, dark circles under your eyes will soon disappear, too.

Masks made from green tea leaves also smooth your wrinkles. Take a piece of surgical gauze and dip it into a bowl of hot green tea. Then put it on your face and cover it with a towel. In order to get good results and have the skin without wrinkles, make this mask twice a week.