Warning – If You Win The Lottery, You Might Not Get Paid

We can only imagine that winning the lottery feels like, well, winning the lottery.

And it could very well be the best moment of your life – unless you live in the state of Illinois, where lottery winners have not yet been paid, and are now suing the state.

Imagine being at your happiest – you’ve just hit the jackpot, you’ve got thousands – if not millions coming down the line, and you start making lists – what to do first? go on the worldwide trip? buy a house for your kids and parents? spoil yourself rotten with various delights?

But what if you were left holding a winning ticket that is worthless despite having 6 winning numbers on it?

In the state of Illinois, that has become a reality for quite a few angry people.

The state recently announced it will cease payments on any lottery win greater than $600, and the reason is quite simple as much as it is maddening – a budget shortage that has left the state unable to deliver on payments.

Attorney Tom Zimmerman says that currently, the state is holding payments in excess of $288 million.

Mr. Zimmerman’s customers include a woman that won $250,000 and a group of employees in the city of Chicago that won over $1 million – both have yet to be paid any of their winnings.

The reason is as simple as it is maddening – the state’s republican governor and democratic house of legislators are at odds over certain budget items, which leaves the state unable to make any payments.

While the money to make payments does exist, it continues to sit in a vault, gathering dust, while people wait the money they earned  fair and square.