How You Can Be A Father Without Being A Parent

We admit, we failed biology in high school.

We know the basics of it – man meets woman and a baby pops out roughly 9 months later, but, as one couple found out to their horror – the being the ones that conceived their child doesn’t make them the parents.

We can only imagine that fertility treatments can be rough on anyone going through them, not just the women that soldier through, but the men who have to be there mentally and be supportive throughout, while also dealing with the psychological implications of the process.

But every once in a while you hear a story that sends a shiver down your spine and makes you grab your kid just a little harder, while thanking the universe you did not have to suffer through it.

A couple that went through treatments and finally managed to bring life into the world thought they were doing a “by the book” D.N.A test, to confirm that their newborn was OK and that they were blood type matches for it, should the need arise.

To their horror, they discovered that the husband was not the baby’s father.

They were already in the early stages of suing the fertility clinic when the real reason emerged – the father of the baby is actually genetically matched to be the baby’s uncle.

Yes, read that one again – the father is actually the uncle.

And before you go “ewwwwwww”, there’s a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation for it.

It seems that the father suffered from a kind of genetic “split” that occurs when a woman becomes pregnant with twins, but one embryo does not survive to become viable.

In some of those cases, the less viable embryo D.N.A “merges” with that of the surviving twin, causing a person to have two various strands of D.N.A.

And no, this isn’t a “one in a billion” kind of a thing, at least one out of every 8 single baby births begin as multi-embryo pregnancies, and many of those cases result it D.N.A splits.

Somewhere in this story is a missed opportunity for a “Law & Order” episode the likes of which have never been seen!