How Uber Grew To Be Worth More Than $50 Billion

If you’ve ever been stuck waiting for a taxi for what feels like a near-endless eternity, then you’re not alone. Uber co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick came up with the idea for the app when he was in Paris trying to get to a conference with no taxi in sight. 

Uber has taken the tech world by storm and has proved to be a formidable force as far as disruptors are concerned. The app which is growing at an exponential rate across the world is revolutionizing how people get around town and competing voraciously with long-standing transportation standards. Taxis have a monopoly in many cities were public transportation is nearly non-existent and can often be scarce and expensive. The incredibly innovative Uber app streamlines the process of transportation to an almost exacting formula. The following are the current options that passengers can use to travel around major cities worldwide: 

UberX (known as UberPOP in Europe) – the least expensive service, uses 2000 or newer model cars that seat up to 4 passengers. 

UberSUV – SUVs that seat up to 6 passengers. A slightly higher fare than UberX. 

UberLUX – luxury sedans that seat up to 4 riders. You can expect a BMW, Mercedes or Audi etc.

UberBLACK – luxury cars, such as black SUVs and upscale sedans operated by private drivers with a permit. Seats up to 5 people. 

UberPool – A carpool service and effective way to split ride fares.  

UberChopper – a partnership with Blade offering helicopter trips from New York to the Hamptons. 

UberBOAT – currently only available in Turkey. Customers can travel across the Bosphorous Strait using boats. 

Uber takes security quite seriously and all Uber drivers must pass a criminal background check before picking up riders. All payments are processed through the app via credit card transactions, so financial information is also always secure. Uber is veritably a turn of the century innovation that is spreading like wild fire across major global metropoles through word of mouth recommendations. Within a very short time it has proven to be a remarkable hit for its high demand utility and efficiency. Bygone is the era where you need to worry about owning a car or finding parking in heavily populated cities. Uber even has a financing deal in place with Toyota and GM to get more drivers in circulation. All hail Uber!