How To Not Diet And Still Lose Weight

There are too many fad diets to count with results that fade out just as quickly as they were started. 

When it comes to being healthy, it’s important to make it a lifestyle choice, so that it doesn’t ever feel restrictive. The moment you begin believing that you are deprived is the moment that the vexing four letter word – diet begins to creep into your psyche and sabotage your best efforts. So how can you achieve sustained weight loss while undieting? Find out below with some of our top tips. 

1. Knowledge is everything
Read as many books, ebooks, blogs and health websites as you can and ignore your preconditioned knowledge of all that diets are supposed to be. Misconceptions abound and times have changed along with nutrition paradigms. Make a plan that works with your lifestyle and goals and stick with it. 

2. Visualization
The mind body and spirit connection is a huge factor when it comes to achieving almost anything in life, especially when a big change is required. Guided meditations, inspiration boards and vision boards will help our mind to refocus on the new goals that we seek. 

3. Slow and steady wins the race
Ease into the process and take it one step at a time instead of quitting everything you’ve known until now cold turkey. Try incorporating at least 1-2 healthy meals into your normal nutrition regimen and aim to exercise 3 times a week at the start.