How To Choose A Perfect Pair Of Jeans According To Your Body Type

There are rumors that jeans are not as fashionable this season as before. There were few models strolling in jeans in recent fashion shows. Yet getting rid of jeans seems unthinkable. We will continue buying them, despite designers’ indifference to them. Read how to choose the right pair of jeans.

It is obvious that we need to choose jeans according to our figure types. Nothing can be more unfortunate than ill-fitting jeans. Instead of highlighting the merits of our bodies, a wrongly chosen pair of denim trousers will only emphasize their flaws and will make us an unfortunate disservice. Jeans should fit and look well on us, because this is an easily achievable mission. Designers took outmost care to make as many models of jeans as our minds can imagine. Hence, there is no reason why your jeans should worsen your looks instead of beautifying them. 

What you need to do while choosing your jeans is to look attentively at yourself in the mirror and understand what type of figure you have. Once you have done it, see what pair of jeans fashion gurus advise you to purchase:

  •  If you have wide hips, do not wear tight jeans.
  • If you are short, avoid wearing low-cut jeans. Low-cut jeans will visually shorten you even more. Choose instead straight, boot-cut, or flared jeans.
  • If you are a full-bodied woman, do not try to hide your curves in baggy jeans. Some women mistakenly think that loose clothes will help them hide their extra pounds from the observer. In reality, this trick works against you. Loose clothes or baggy jeans will make you look even bigger than you are in reality. Instead of baggy jeans, choose for yourself straight jeans of dark colors. Dark colors will make you look slimmer.
  • If you are tall and svelte, wear slim jeans. Slim jeans will draw attention to your hips and will emphasize the beauty of your whole figure.
  • Pay attention where pockets are on the pair you have chosen. If you have large hips, try not to wear jeans with prominent pockets on your sides. They will enlarge your hips visually even more.
  • If your buttocks are hand-full, they will look bigger in jeans with large back pockets.
  • Jeans color should be faded in right places too. Avoid jeans with accentuated horizontal creases and folds.
  • When you put a chosen pair of jeans on, look at yourself from all sides including your back. Jeans should fit you perfectly. Try also to turn in your jeans around, to bend, or to sit on a chair. Make sure you will feel also comfortable in your chosen pair of denim pants.