Make Your Days More Successful By Doing These 3 Things When You Wake Up

All of us suffer from a shortage of time in the morning. We hardly ever succeed in doing anything constructive before work. Talks about using our morning time productively seems thus nonsensical. How is it ever possible to act effectively after we have just woken up? Here is how.  

Our mornings are so busy that we often do not have time even to make our bed but leave it unkempt so that it can annoy us with its untidiness in the evening. We also often do not have time for breakfast and, at best, we gulp our cup of coffee, while putting on a tie or shoes. Yet this breathless morning rush should not always be the case. We can organize our morning productively; for the best results, we should do the following.   

Wake Up Earlier. Everyone knows the saying that the early bird catches the worm. Yet you should wake up early not only because you might thus win a survival game but also because your fear is dormant in broad daylight. Business that seemed scary yesterday in the evening inevitably looks brighter and easier early today. Having just woken up, you can have courage to go where you fear to tread during another time of the day. Your energy and physical abilities are also much stronger in the morning. So, it makes sense to wake up an hour earlier than your usual time and prolong your morning hours. For this, it is absolutely unnecessary to cut down your sleep time. You just need to adjust your daily schedule a bit and go to sleep earlier, too.

Exercise. Your morning exercise can be as short as 15 minutes. To people who seriously work out, an exercise so short might look ridiculous; but for the most of us, even 15 minutes of physical activity in the morning might be challenging. Do push-ups, jumping jacks, squats, plank, and lunges and you will feel influx of energy that will be enough to carry you through the whole day. Or use any short program, such as 7 Minutes Workout, that will get you drowned in sweat within even a shorter time span.

Meditate. After you have exercised, you should relax and take care of your brain too, which needs our attention no less than our body. Meditation provides a good tool to look after our brain and mind. As many studies have shown, meditation changes our thinking, lowers our stress level, and improves the working of our brain and our emotional state. You do not need much time to meditate. Only ten minutes of mediation will help you get in a peaceful mood and will charge you with energy for the whole day.