Has The Great Escape From Alcatraz Finally Been Proven?

A famous San-Francisco landmark, one of the best action movies of all time and the site of a prison from which there is no escape, or is there?

A new documentary claims to have proof of a successful escape from Alcatraz, but is it legitimate?

While the 1996 action movie “The Rock” was fictional for the most part, it did get a few things right.

The small island is nestled within the San-Francisco bay, and is 2.4 km or 1.5 miles from the closest land.

The movie initially states that there have been no successful escapes from the prison, but we later learn that Sean Connery’s character was the sole survivor of one of the many escape attempts made.

According to official records, 36 inmates attempted to escape the prison throughout its 29 year operation.

23 were caught in various stages, 6 were shot dead and 2 drowned in the freezing water, and 5 are listed as missing, but presumed dead or so it was thought up until now.

John and Clarence Anglin were convicted bank robbers, sentenced to 15-20 year in prison, they came to Alcatraz in late 1960 and early 1961 respectively.

While there, they ran into an old prison accomplice by the name of Frank Morris.

The 3 inmates attempted their escape at some point during the night of June 11th or the early morning of June 12th 1962, their daring escape included making paper mache heads, breaking out from the main building through an seldom used utility corridor and onto an improvised raft.

It is at that point that facts start becoming opinions – officially, the three are listed as presumed drowned, but their names remain on the most wanted list.

A documentary that aired recently on the history channel claims to have found proof of the fact that the brothers at least are still alive.

In this photo, taken circa 1975 the brothers are apparently shown in a Brazil farm they built after escaping the U.S.


the documentary also claims to have proof of various cards and letters sent by the brothers to family members.

If the brothers are indeed still alive, they would have recently turned 85, giving the U.S government a fighting chance at actually catching them…