Google’s Latest App Is Trying To Do The Unthinkable

Google is practically everywhere in our day to day online lives, from searches to YouTube to our email account.

But Google’s latest app is trying to get young people to do the unthinkable, considering that it is an online company after all.

Google’s latest app, titled ‘who’s down’ is unique for two main reasons – 1) it is aimed primarily a younger crowd, probably teens and 2) it is attempting to do the unthinkable: get those teens to go offline and into the real world.

Who’s down is quite simple in function – there’s a single button to be used which switches the user from a “busy” status to a “free” one and that’s when the fun starts and Google’s full capabilities and  service integration kicks in.

Once a user goes to “free” mode, any nearby friends receive an automated notice of that, Google can then recommend  any number of activities such as restaurants, clubs, sports events, movies or any other activity, the user selects what they would like to do and the notice goes out to their friends asking “who’s down to….”

What makes this app a fascinating attempt is the fact that Google is not only attempting to get its users to be active on the outside world, but that it is focusing its effort and making the app very “kid friendly”, combating the notion that while it may be useful, Google is not what kids or teens use in their day to day interactions.

The app is available to download for both Android and iOS operating systems and currently requires either an invite  from a user or a few days wait on Google’s wait list.

So: who’s down to get Google’s latest app?