Girl Takes Senior Photos At Taco Bell

Forget glossy senior pictures, the new wave of graduates are going for the unexpected and outrageous, such as Brittany Nicole Creech of St. Louis. 



Senior year in high school is a crucial year for many students. Many will turn 18, marking an official liberation from the ever looming parental clutch. It is the year of visiting universities and sending out applications for acceptance. It is also the year that is captured in the form of senior portraits, a little token of remembrance for the arduous high school years. Not to say that college would be an easy stroll in the park, but senior portraits are a snapshot of teenage-hood in all its glory.

While some students pull out all the stops to source the best photographers, locations, wardrobe, hair and makeup, there are others that take it much more light-heartedly. Take Brittany Nicole Creech from St. Louis, Missouri who decided to go the fast food route and snap up her senior photos at a local Taco Bell. While most classmates thought she was joking, her portraits prove otherwise. According to her, they more accurately represent the high school experience, unlike the common glamour snaps taken by most high school seniors. We’ll let you judge for yourself.