An Unexpected Source Has The KKK Hiding In Fear

The Ku Klux Klan has been terrorizing many southern U.S states since the 1860’s, but it looks like someone has had enough of them, and is threatening to expose every single member in the KKK, sending some members to run for their lives.

In what must be one of the best documented cases of revenge being served ICE cold, certain KKK members are now in fear for their lives after a run-in with the hacker group ‘Anonymous’ which is threatening to reveal their identity.

It must feel like a cruel twist of fate for members of the KKK, after all – they have been going after various people and groups for decades now, living their lives in secret but being responsible for some truly reprehensible acts of violence against black people, gay people, Jewish people and any sort of people they do not approve of.

KKK members have been directly or indirectly responsible for dozens, if not hundreds of deaths over the years and it was their secrecy which has often served them well in avoiding jail or even prosecution in most of those cases.

The hacker/activist/hacktivist group known as Anonymous has set their sights on the KKK, and if history is any proof, the KKK may not survive the blow, it least not in its current state.

While the exact numbers of KKK members are not well known, it is very doubtful that the current KKK alumni section will remain the same after Anonymous is done with them.

As is the case with most of what Anonymous does, they used technology against their target, hacking the twitter account of a known KKK member, and through that, gaining access to private information for thousands of other KKK members.

Anonymous are saying they will release the information they gathered any day now, and other groups and law enforcement officials are surely standing by, notebooks in hand, ready to take down some names…