Facebook Just Changed Its Search Engine, But Is It Good For You?

As it is prone to do from time to time, Facebook just announced yet another change to a section of its user interface, but is this change any good for its users?

Facebook’s various changes are becoming something that most user get angry over for a little while, but then sort of shrug, and post another picture of their dog/cat/kid doing something funny and move on.

Some of us find those changes useful, while some of us find them infuriating, but regardless of which camp you happen to be on – they do tend to come much more often than most of us care for.

Facebook’s latest change focuses on its internal search engine, and once applied across all its various platforms, the new engine will be able to provide more useful personal search results, but it will also search forĀ  shared message threads, by friends or by topic and will also search for discussion topics.

This is quite a massive change from the existing engine, which, if you’ve ever used – you’ll know its great for very general results, like finding fan pages or groups, but failed completely at in depth searches.

In theory, this should be a welcome change, but another look reveals the reasons for such an overhaul.

While the upgrade does mean you would be able to browse through posts easily, it would also make those posts more visible to everyone else that is targeting such discussion i.e – advertisers.

And therein lies the rub – anything that’s good for you, must also be beneficial for Facebook itself, and this move certainly is.

Is it useful? – yes.

should you be careful? – absolutely!