Overcome Fatigue With These Three Simple Steps – Step 2 Will Surprise You!

Fatigue has one highly unpleasant quality: it accumulates. Then it transforms into a syndrome of chronic fatigue. As a result, you constantly feel exhausted. No amount of sleep, rest, or coffee can make you feel energized. Read these three easy tips how to fight fatigue and feel fresh again.

Water. Water not only quenches thirst and allays hunger but it also fills you with energy. In the morning, on empty stomach, drink a glass of lukewarm water with squeezed lemon; such water will give you energy boost and will put you in a good mood. Then continue drinking water during the day.

Water should not be drunk only, however. Taking contrast shower in the morning will invigorate you as strongly as drinking water. No need to scald yourself with steaming hot water or to chill yourself to the bone with an icy stream. Whether hot or cold, water should be pleasant to your body. To give yourself pleasure is the point of showering.

Massage. Not all of us are organized or determined enough to exercise in the morning. Yet however in a hurry you are, you can always spare a minute to give yourself an ears massage. It is the best way to shake yourself up. There are  more than 170 bioactive points located on your earlobes, giving impulses to different parts and organs of your body. An ears massage will improve your blood circulation too.

In order to massage your ears correctly, start first with rubbing the upper ends of your ears with your index finger and the thumb, gradually going down to your earlobes. Also pull your ears up and to sides. You can repeat this massage during the day too, especially if you work in an office without moving much around. It also helps eliminate congestion in internal organs.

Aromatherapy. Oils are wonderful; they can either calm you down or energize you. All you need to do is to choose the right oil, because each of them affects your body differently. For instance, citrus fragrances boost your energy; anise, nutmeg, and patchouli make you think clear and inspire you to get business ideas; juniper triggers creativity in you. Rosemary, pine, and peppermint help fight fatigue: their fragrances increase your productivity.

When you choose your oil, add a couple of drops into your facial cream or body lotion.  If you need to be vitalized during the day, sprinkle your handkerchief with oil and breathe in its fragrance, when you feel tired. 

Do not forget to eat. Red apples, nuts, chicken, fish, oats, and green tea will eliminate your fatigue, too, and will fill you with energy sufficient to carry you through the most difficult day.