Elon Musk’s Latest Brainchild Is Coming To Life

After turning electrical cars into a reality, and sponsoring mankind’s entry into commercial space travel Elon Musk’s latest invention could change the way we move underground.

And it’s about to start testing very very soon.

The sad reality is that there are very few efficient way of getting from point A to point B with current transportation methods.

Cars pollute the air and usually come at a high personal cost, bike’s aren’t practical for great distances, unless you’re a world class athlete.

Public transport is more environmentally sound but is often very inefficient.

And if you have to go cross country or across oceans, well, it’s air-travel or bust for you, regardless of expenses.

Enter the “hyperloop”, brainchild of tesla motors CEO and real life Iron Man wannabe Elon Musk.

The hyperloop is a rather sophisticated kind of underground train that would run inside of giant vacuum tubes at speeds that will reach upwards of 700 mph, turning a cross country trip from New York to L.A into a mere 6 hour journey…underground!

Musk’s vision is about to become a reality in a matter of weeks, as a new company called HTT – Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, is about to lay the groundwork for a $150 million test track using Musk’s system.

The test track, which will be located in kings county, California, will likely be sponsored in part by advertising, allowing decreased costs in the long run.

Testing currently calls for human subjects to go┬áno faster┬áthan 160 mph, but empty ‘pods’ will race at over 700 mph before 2016 is out.

Between space X and the Hyperloop, we’d think Musk was trying to corner the entire travel market, if he weren’t giving so many of his ideas for free…