Easy, Cheap Ways To Give Your Body Natural Spa: Clay Wrapping And Hydrophilic Shower Oil

Women have made efforts to look good since times immemorial. Even in ancient civilization such as ancient Egypt, women took pains to beautify themselves; they applied red ochre on their lips and made soap from clay and oil olive. Needless to say, their cosmetics were 100% natural, unlike ours.

This does not mean, however, that modern women are destined to use only chemical or artificial cosmetics. Whatever are the ingredients of the beauty products you buy in shops, you are always free to make your own cosmetics that will be as natural as the makeup of women lived in ancient Egypt. If you try to make your own beauty products at home, you will be even better off than women in ancient civilizations. We have an access to more natural products than women who once lived on the banks of Nile; we also understand chemical compositions of these products much better and thus can mix them to a more beneficial effect. You will not need to paint your brows with burned almonds or varnish your nails with henna.  But you can prepare various scrubs and clay wrapping at home and ensure, thereby, that the cosmetics you use are as 100% natural as those of ancient Egyptian women.  Here are the receipts that you may make at home.

Clay Wrapping. Clay holds a special place of honor among cosmetologists, because it penetrates our skin deeply and influences its condition on a cell level. Clay nourishes our skin with beneficial microelements, tightens it, enhances the regeneration of cells, and has anti-inflammation properties. Clay is sold in pharmacies and is usually cheap. So, every woman can afford spoiling  herself with the homemade clay spa. Any kind of clay is good: white, blue, or green. Dissolve a pack of clay in water until you get the consistency of thick sour cream and then apply to your body. Make sure your thighs, butt, and belly are well covered, since the clay wrapping is particularly beneficial for these parts of your body. After you have spread clay on your body, wrap yourself in cling film and lie for 20-30 minutes under a blanket. Afterwards, take warm shower and apply moisturizer all over your body.

Hydrophilic Shower Oil. This recipe is slightly more complicated. To prepare hydrophilic shower oil, you will need a pack of emulsifier, which you can also buy in a pharmacy. Take a clean empty bottle where used to be shower gel and pour in it 100 ml of the cosmetic oil of your choice. Then add to it 30 ml of emulsifier. Shake it well before using it to wash yourself. This shower oil will give your body more moisture than any usual shower gel.