Don’t ‘Binge Watch’ The Walking Dead – It Could Cost You Your Life

The “Walking Dead” is many things – it’s probably the most successful show on TV,  it’s full of suspense and great acting, but if one person is to be believed – its also the reason he committed murder.

Police in Grants, New Mexico were recently called to the scene of a gruesome crime where they say 23 year old Damon Perry brutally beat his friend to death after he suspected that friend was turning into, yes, a zombie.

What could possibly have driven Perry to such madness? according to him, the two had been binge watching several episodes of the popular show when Perry began thinking his friend was trying to bite him, as zombies are prone to do.

So Perry went into full ‘Rick Grimes’ mode and proceeded to smash a microwave and a guitar across his friend’s head, kicking and punching him into unconsciousness, and finally stabbing him repeatedly with a knife.

Authorities were alerted to the situation after Perry escaped the apartment and began chasing after a woman, bloody knife still in hand.

Perry was tackled to the ground by two maintenance workers and detained until police arrived to the scene.

Now, before you go blaming AMC and Robert Kirkman of inducing such wild ideas into Perry’s brain you should probably know that he has had quite a few altercations with the law, including being overly aggressive with officers.

Was Perry having a mental episode of some kind or did he simply get into a fight with the friend?

We’ll probably never know, but we do have an idea for a main villain of next season of “The Walking Dead”.