Considering Re-Painting Your House? Don’t Do What This Couple Did

Any re-paint or re-modeling of a house is tough enough without outside interference, but, as one couple learned – some neighbors take their input just a tad too far.

Imagine if you will meeting your loved one, deciding you want to buy a house together and get married in your own back yard (assuming it’s large enough).

When you finally find the house you want to get married and start a family in it might very well still need at least a new coat of paint – if you’re lucky, or much more than that – if you aren’t.

Keely and Peter Dubrova thought they’d found their dream house and bought it, even tying the knot in the back yard.

For reasons that the couple has not disclosed, they repainted the house in a very noticeable shade of blue, one that has more than one neighbor calling their residence “the smurf house”.

But according to Keely, that decision has caused some residents of their Lake Houston community took things just a little bit further than being displeased and making frowny faces whenever passing by or discussing the house.

Apparently, a few people think that the very color of the couple’s house is so offensive that it merits death threats.

Yes, Death threats over paint.

And with this being Texas and all, well, they probably have the means of executing their dastardly plot.

The couple claimed that they wrote to community management and were given the all clear to go to a darker shade of teal than was normally acceptable, but following quite a few complaints and less than veiled threats, plus a new order from community management, they will soon repaint their home into a more toned down shade.

What would papa smurf have done in their place?