Catherine Zeta Jones Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before

Back in this classic 1995 photo shoot and interview, the then 25-year-old Zeta-Jones is nothing short of a show stopper. The shoot was so hot that it was used again four years later. 

Below an excerpt from the interview:

Catherine Zeta-Jones is sitting in fishnet stockings, legs crossed like a goddess while elegantly sipping her second glass of champagne. And she’s pontificating about the importance of having a good arse.

“See, some guys’ arses look great in jeans but when they take them off it all goes everywhere,” says Cath. “Basically, I’m not an arse person, I’m more your inner arm kinda girl.”

Eh? What?

It’s not every day you find yourself in such exalted company, and the least Cath deserves from a fop like me is my total concentration.

I resolve to get a grip. This is, after all, the 25-year-old actress from The Darling Buds Of May, Splitting Heirs and anything involving period costume, who’s now darling of the tabloids and making a foray into the music business with a debut album and her first single.

She’s got this great way of looking drop-dead sexy while remaining charming and totally approachable. Her Swansea accent is soft and warm. When she holds her cigarette between her teeth prior to lighting it, you find yourself sighing like a lovesick chump. One flash of her feline smile and you’re mesmerized. One sexy wink and you’re winded for days. I defy any man to venture she is in any way less than marvellous. Anyway, back to the action.