Can Bad Calls During Games Have A Positive Outcome? It Sure Looks Like It

Being a fan of any team is hard enough as it is, but sometimes, when the calls don’t go your way it’s actually even worse.

If recent events are an indication – we could soon see the expansion of Instant Replay and a possible end to bad calls.

A recent game ending mistake may have cost the Detroit Lions a very important win vs. the Seattle Seahawks, but that very mistake could prove to be beneficial for most teams in the long run, because it has led – once again – to renewed calls for the expansion of instant replay.

When K.J Wright of the Seahawks illegally batted a ball out of the endzone it should have resulted in a penalty and the Lions being given another play with which they could tie or win the game, but officials huddled together and decided that it was an inadvertent act and as such, could not be penalized or reviewed via replay.

That incident capped off a stormy couple of weeks for the NFL, during which multiple calls were called into question and even replays failed to deliver the answer efficiently (or at all).

But hope is now on the horizon, because multiple sources are again reporting that the league will weigh various offers to increase the scope of what can or can not be reviewed, both by a coaches challenge, and automatically, as happens with changes of possession and all scoring plays.

It is unlikely that we will see any change happen inside the current season, but like any good football fan knows – there’s always next year!