Beauty Standards Mathematically Calculated: Slim Women Triumph Again

Whether we prefer skinny or corpulent people is a matter of our personal taste. Yet in the fashion industry or in medicine, specialists constantly argue over beauty or health standards. A new trend of large size women on catwalks seems to mean that the times of slim bodies are over.

Indeed, our public taste for beauty seems to be changing as we begin to appreciate full bodied women and to applaud the pictures of stars that flaunt their curves. And yet, with all this boom for big butts and bigger body sizes, which our culture is now experiencing, many specialists are still not convinced that corpulent women are healthier or even more attractive than slim ones. Scientists decided to participate in the argument about the beauty of female bodies and to settle it with mathematical precision.  

A group of scientists gathered together to determine how a body size and the female attractiveness are connected; the scientists also had a goal of calculating the optimum body max index, which, as you know, is counted by dividing your height by your weight. First of all, they came up with a mathematical algorithm that took into account death risks that women of different sizes had when having nutrition related diseases, such as obesity, anorexia, or diabetes; they also considered how sizes of female thighs and hips were related to fertility. Eventually, they discovered that the best body max index for a woman was between 22 and 24,5. This body max index guaranteed that woman was not only attractive but also healthy.

Then, the scientists conducted an experiment in which participated more than one thousand of men and women. Their subjects were Westerners, Asians, and Africans. They were shown twenty pictures of women of different sizes and were asked to evaluate these women’s beauty on the scale from 1 to ten. The results showed that there was an inverse linear dependence of beauty on corpulence. Men and women of all races considered those women attractive  whose body max index was lower than 19. The subjects assumed that that the bigger a woman looked the older she was. The scientists concluded, after they have collected all data, that the most good-looking were thought to be women whose body max index was between 17 and 20. There was also a correlation between a woman’s age and her body mass index. Women who had body mass index between seventeen and twenty were usually young. They were in the age, when they were most fertile and could easily give birth to children.

Because people consider slimmer women, in general, more attractive, the current fashion for fuller bodied women will, probably, not last long. Slim women will still remain in vogue for a while.