This Secret Japanese Face-Cleaning Method Is The Path To Younger-Looking Skin

The skin of  Japanese women arouses our envy. It is not only flawless and luminescent but it also looks fresh and young longer than the skin of Westerners. The secret of Japanese women’s beauty is in their cleaning routine. It consists of six stages and guarantees their skin’s radiance.

To be sure, the skin of Japanese women is glowing, because they make right food choices. The climate of Japan also contributes to its beauty. And yet, their skin’s radiance is the result of their thoughtful and firm commitment to a daily cleaning routine. So, how this routine is so special that it benefits their skin so remarkably?

The Japanese cleaning system pursues two major aims: 1) to remove makeup from the woman’s skin and 2) to clean it well.

Japanese women remove their makeup with the help of the hydrophilic oil, which literally dissolves it. They take a couple of drops of the hydrophilic oil and apply it on their dry skin. Then they massage it in circular motions along the massage lines. Next, they wet their hands in water and continue massaging their faces until the oil turns into white emulsion. In order to remove their makeup completely, then Japanese women wash the oil off their faces with warm water.

Next comes the cleaning procedure followed by moisturizing of the skin. What is important to achieve in cleaning is the right consistency of fluff into which Japanese women whip their liquid soaps before she washes her face. Japanese women beat their liquid soaps into downy mass with the help of a netted sponge. Whipped viscous soap cleans the skin better than liquid one, because it penetrates its pores deeper and more thoroughly. Another secret of their skin’s beauty is that Japanese women massage it with thickened soap without actually touching their faces with their fingers. After this, they wash the soap off their faces and wipe them with paper tissues. Linen or cotton towels should not be used here. Then they quickly apply moisturizers, doing this usually within 30 seconds after they have wiped their faces with the tissue.

It is easy to prepare the hydrophilic oil at home. For this, you will need to have the peach oil, the almond oil, the grape seed oil, and the wheat germ oil. You will also need vitamins A and E in liquid form. The most important ingredient in this recipe is, however, polysorbate; it makes the oil solubilize in water. Mix all ingredients together, putting polysorbate last. Then pour the hydrophilic oil into a clean bottle and cover it with a lid.

The Japanese cleaning system is beneficial for women of all ages.  Any skin should glow.