The Mystery Of The Egyptian Gods Discovered Chiseld In Rock On Mars

Mars keeps making headlines. News about the red planet comes every week. We learn that liquid water flows on Mars and that there exist rocks rich in silica. Now even more staggering information arrived: there are pictures that show sculptures chiseled in rocks in the style of Ancient Egypt.

At first blush, you will not notice anything special or eye-catching on the pictures made by the Mars rover. All what you will see there is chunks of rocks, similar to those you are used to see elsewhere on our planet. Like you, scientists also did not observe anything interesting on the photos initially, until, that is, they enlarged them on a computer. 

The enlarged pictures of the rocks on the red planet made scientists gasp in wonder. What they suddenly discerned carved in stones there were statues similar to sculptures made in Ancient Egypt. One of the statues strongly brought to mind the depiction of the Egyptian god Anubis, the god with the canine head and the human body. If you look closely at the picture from Mars, you, too, will be able to detect among the chunks of rocks the elongated profile of Anubis, his pointed long ears, his canine muzzle, and sharp eyes. If you pay yet more attention, you will also see on the canine head of the Egyptian god a huge crown and folds of head cover, the characteristic headwear in those times. The broad-shouldered god stands out from the rock surrounding it showing off the smooth surface of his beautiful body.  The rest of the rock around him is much more uneven and rougher.  

Anubis does not stand alone. His animal head is turned towards another sculpture, whose facial features are also clearly discernible in the piece of the rock.  You see on its face the strong forehead, the eyes, and the protruding chin. Both sculptures are positioned on the same level and appear to be of an equal size. Seeing them thus looking at each other, you can only wonder what conversation the rocky deities had been engaged in before they were so unceremoniously interrupted by the Mars rover.

The discovery of the statues of the god Anubis and his companion prompted various speculations. Scientists advanced a hypothesis that the architects who once came down to our planet to build the Egyptian pyramids had honed their skills on Mars first. Only when they had learned to chisel Anubis and another deity from the red rock, did they come as gods to Earth and created the Egyptian pieces of art whose techniques people struggle to understand until now.