Do You Like Mustard Or Lettuce? If You Do, You Might Be A Psycho

Scientists have recently found a link between our personalities and our gustatory preferences. What we eat says who we are not because our food choices show what healthy or unhealthy life we lead. We are what we eat because particular traits of our personalities make us choose particular food.

The connection between our preferences for certain food and our personalities was traced most clearly on examples of bitter food. If you have sweet tooth, your cravings for sugar say less about you than if you have liking for beer, lemon juice, and artichokes. Human beings seem to be the only creatures on the planet who developed appetite for food that tastes unpleasantly bitter. In our ability to take pleasure in unsavory food lies, perhaps, the radix malorum. For our hunger for bitter products has recently been connected to psychological deviations. A person who likes bitter food is said to have a personality of psychopath.

According to the article in Appetite, experimenters asked 500 people to answer questions about their fondness for various examples of food that taste sweet, sour, or bitter. Then they were given a personality test with the aim to ascertain if they are aggressive, narcissistic, manipulative, psychotic, sadistic, sympathetic, empathetic, and so on.

Comparing these two tests, experimenters found out that people who score highly as psychotic or sadistic preferred bitter food. On the basis of their findings, scholars claimed that one’s love for bitter food clearly shows how macabre one’s personality is. Kind and fun-loving people would not chew chicory, broccoli, or coffee beans. Nor would they drink wine and sugar-free chocolate.

So, if you met somebody recently and want to know whom you are dating, take this person out for a big meal. Then let him or her choose from the menu whatever gladdens his or her eyes and culinary tastes. If you notice that your date heartily eats cauliflower, lettuce, and washes them dawn with coffee or beer, excuse yourself and run. Chances are that you are sitting in front of a psychopath, sadist, or at least narcissist. Alternatively, if you want to dazzle your date, order yourself a huge piece of cake and a mug of sweet hot chocolate. Your food choice will signal to your date that you have no psychotic tendencies nor other unhealthy personality aberrations.