The Mystical Fruit That Just Keeps On Giving

Apples stand out among other fruits. The human story began with the apple: our forefathers ate it and brought our fall from Paradise; another apple led to the Trojan War. So, what do apples have that they caused people to change courses of their history and of their lives? 

Leaving aside theological and mythical significance of this fruit, let us talk about its nutritious properties. First and foremost, apples keep aging processes at bay. Dieticians say that if you eat apples, they will have a positive effect on your body: they accelerate the process of cell renewal and improve blood circulation. Apples also protect your heart from failure, just as they prevent the appearance of a number of other diseases.

Apples contain vitamins B, C, E, and A. They are also rich in fructose and fiber. When you eat apples, you can also stay without liquids, since they consist of 80% of water. Thus if you suddenly find yourself without water supply but with apples, you will have all chances to survive.

If you have stomach problems, eat apples again. Natural acids contained in them soothe stomach pain and prevent indigestion, provided, of course, you eat apples daily. Apples also cleanse the liver and purge the body of harmful substances and toxins. They help lower blood cholesterol levels and make various swelling subside.

To benefit from apples you do not need to gulp them in kilograms. It will be enough for you to eat a couple of pieces of an apple a day. As you well know, an apple a day keeps you from visiting your doctor for a long time.  If you prefer to start your morning with a glass of freshly made juice, try to mix apples with carrots and celery. This drink will charge you with energy for the whole day.

Apples are incredibly useful and tasty. Do not neglect this delicious fruit.