All That Glitters Is Gold, Diamonds, and Emeralds: Latest Trends In Jewelry

Life and fashion wait for no man. Every season brings new vogues not only in apparels but also in jewelry. What ornaments will make a woman look stylish this season and which of them are worthy of being purchased and transmitted to children?  Here are the latest trends in jewelry.  

The most distinguishing element of earrings and necklaces now is their size. This autumn, designers offer to women massive and chunky jewelry. Stones are, as always, in fashion, too, but now designers are making an accent on their naturalness. The stone that flaunts naturalness most effectively is emerald. But again, emeralds should be of impressive sizes. Largeness of stones is the key to fashionable looks this season.  

Large stones can be snugged equally beautifully in earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. Purchase any piece of jewelry with emeralds and combine it with jewelry made of leather, metal, or wood. Adorned with the combination of emeralds and other ornaments, you will look chic and elegant.

Diamonds are in vogue now as well. But designers do not make them look keenly modern; quite the contrary, when it comes to jewelry with diamonds, they try to combine past and future, inserting colorful diamonds in vintage frames.

Massive gold chains are another hit of the Autumn season. You can wear them as necklaces with pendants, as a chocker, or as bracelets on your wrists. What is also fashionable is the combination of different colors and karats of gold in one piece of jewelry. Squire, bold shapes  are another stylish feature of gold ornaments this season. In gold jewelry, every woman will look stylish and unique. During the day, it is better to wear gold with clothes of solid, pastel colors; evening dresses should necessarily be of matte colors that would set off the beauty of gold metal most richly.

Thin gold rings are worn in large numbers on each finger now. Wrapped thus around your fingers, they will be a stylish addition to your sport, evening, casual, or smart apparels. Like gold rings, pearls are popular, too. They are as big as cherries this season and of all possible colors.

What jewelry seems most exquisite and most elaborately designed is that with enamel. To make enamel ornaments designers employ difficult technology, whose secrets are buried in antiquity.  Therefore, enamel jewelry is in high demand this season. It always looks chic and beautiful and goes with clothes of all styles.