All About Legs: What Tights You Should Wear This Season

Let us talk about pantyhose. Cold weather is on the way; and just as you wrap the rest of your body in warmer clothes, you surely need to cover your legs, too. Designers are imaginative and dress their models in various pantyhose and stockings that we can see on runaways.

The pantyhose the models wear surprise us by bright, gaudy colors. Their legs are donned in garish red, orange, pink, yellow, green, and blue colors. It seems that designers decided that the brighter are our legs this season the more stylish and chic we look. Shoes on the models are of exactly matching colors, almost merging with pantyhose, for which we are sincerely grateful to designers. Legs in matching tights and footwear look so much longer and slimmer.

What we also see on runaways is that designers do not match accessories to pantyhose. Neither bags, nor scarfs, nor gloves repeat the colors of their models’ covered legs. A bright handbag would rightly attract attention to itself, and this is not what designers want this season. A spotlight should be turned on our legs. To direct attention to them even more designers chose to clad their models in short dresses with small patterns and of shades much more subdued than the colors of their tights.

These gaudy colors are only half of the fashion story, however. We see models parading in silver, beige, light pink, and brown pantyhose as well. They are designed for a more casual look and are worn with denim skirts, floating dresses, or shorts.

Silver tights on the models’ legs are particularly eye-catching. They wear them with short skirts of monochrome colors such as navy blue, cherry, and garnet. Their blouses are of somber and pale colors, too: of pale pink, pale lilac, and beige.

Not all tights are monochrome either. Designers decided that prints on pantyhose will be as in vogue this winter as their gaudy colors. What is most popular is a pattern with wild flowers blossoming on women’s legs, daisies and buttercups. But just as we should look for these little flowers on the field, searching for them among tall grass, so should we look attentively to notice them on women’s pantyhose; all flowery patterns are of the same colors as tights themselves.

Geometrical patterns are also in fashion. We distinguish diamonds and stripes on the models’ legs. Unlike flowers, however, these geometrical patterns do not fade into the main color of pantyhose but stand out boldly on them, being of contrasting colors with them. Fishnets are on the runaway, too, though their colors go beyond the traditional black; like thicker pantyhose, fishnets also boast bright colors such as pink, blue, and beige.