A Shocking Lesson In What Not To Post On Facebook!

This really isn’t the most encouraging story you’ll hear today, but if it stops at least one more person from repeating this shocking mistake, it would have done its service well.

Tony Harris was a 50 year old electronics technician from Pennsylvania, we say”was” because regretfully, Tony died last week and in a bizarre turn of events – he may have caused his own death due to a joke that was entirely misunderstood in the most dramatic way possible.

A couple of weeks before his untimely death Tony posted a photo on Facebook, in the photo was his fiance Amber Crane holding piles of “money”, and the caption read “I misplaced $60,000, Hope my wife doesn’t go shopping with it”.


The “money” was really just piles of paper with a couple of bills placed on top, but they were enough to provoke a few people into drastic action.

About a week after posting the photo Tony’s home was broken into in the middle of the night, armed robbers held Amber at gunpoint and repeatedly asked Tony “where is the money?”, Tony replied that there was no money in the house and that it was all a joke but the would be robbers did not take kindly to this and shot him dead.

While Tony’s story had a very regrettable ending, it can serve as yet another reminder to all of us about what we share on social networks and who we share that information with!

Here at TheDailyWot we strongly advise you to check your Facebook privacy settings and make sure that your posts can only be seen by people whom you know and trust not the entire world.

With your account secure from outside viewers you should be able to tell as many jokes as you’d like, silly as they may be.