A Saudi Prince Got Caught Trying To Smuggle What???

We imagine that Saudi Prince Abdul Mohsin Bin Waleed Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (yes, that is his full name) fancies himself a bit of a playboy or entrepreneur, because we’ve got not other explanation for what he was caught trying to do.

Al Saud (for the sake of this article’s length, that’s what we’ll be calling him from now on) and four other suspects were caught in a sting operation in Beirut, Lebanon’s international Airport while attempting to smuggle over 2 tons of, get this – Cocaine and Captagon (a sort of hyped up amphetamine that’s common in the middle east).

The incredible haul was caught and seized in no less than 40 suitcases belonging to the prince and his companions as they were about to be loaded onto his private jet (because that’s how he rolls) bound for his home city of Riyadh.

This is another scandal from the royal family of Saudi Arabia, following the recent arrest of (take a deep breath) – Majed Ben Abdalla Ben Abed El-Aziz El-Saud, the son of the now diseased king of Saudi Arabia, on suspicion of use of Cocaine, prostitution and assault.

Al Saud was presumably trying to make a quick buck by selling the drugs to any number of warring factions across the middle east, or he was throwing the most kick ass Halloween party we’ve ever heard of…

Regardless of his intent, Al Saud is now in the custody of Lebanese authorities, and will await their decision on what to do.

With that kind of social life, we can’t wait for these guys to go on E! and dethrone the Kardashians, because they sound like much more fun!