This New Gadget Will Help You Find Your Way On A Bike

Unless you’re biking the same route, day in and day out, navigating to your destination via bicycle can be slightly difficult.

A new gadget is aiming to change that – and is doing a good job so far.

Trying to get in, or stay in shape can be rough in our modern world.

Nearly everything we do is geared towards convenience and leisure, rather than shape and fitness.

If you live in the city or small town, biking might be the optimal solution of getting from point A to point B while getting some exercise done.

And while you may know the route to work by heart, what happens when you have to use your bicycle to get someplace you don’t exactly know? how do you plan the route? and even worse – how do you follow it once your on your bike?

Constantly checking your phone is not possible unless you enjoy stopping every quarter mile, and checking while you bike is a sure way of crashing horribly.

Beeline is a gadget/app that aims to change that and is currently being funded on Kickstarter.

The gadget is paired with your phone’s compass and works in a very simple yet ingenious way – instead of giving your turn by turn navigation instructions it points you in a general direction and provides an indication of the distance left to the destination, leaving you completely in charge of the route you take.

The gadget can be attached to any bike thanks to its adjustable strap and is protected from bumps and the elements thanks to its hardened housing.

Now you really are running out of excuses for not running errands and getting in shape on your bike!